3 Great Home Workout Tips-house muscle tips

You’re about to get some really great home workout tips from my vault of goodies that I’ve added to over the years. Here we go.

The first is for the workout at home crew or those that work in gyms with minimum fancy equipment. It is donkey calve raises with the barbell going crossways through the rack.

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That’s one of my favorites – I love that one.

It’s really hard to nail your calves at home if you don’t have any special equipment besides the single leg dumbbell raise sort of thing. So what you do is put the barbell in the rack and have one of the bottom pins higher than the other.

Load up the barbell and now you should have a loaded barbell sitting on the bottom stoppers with one end sitting higher than the other. Now all you have to do it pad up the bar with a towel, worm underneath the lower end, stand with your toes on a 2×4 and you have a donkey calf raise machine.

Our number two muscular development tip is that the majority of muscle magazines like – well, we know the major ones – are dead wrong about how to train and about nutrition.

A lot of the reasons that they put out this information that is not really applicable for most people is that a lot of their articles are done by ghost writers who are writing for, and basically creating programs to say what the pro’s do. The guys don’t actually ever do these programs. They’re just kind of throwing together what comes to their head and a lot of these things that you see have actually never even been done.

They’re just kind of written down out there and not to say that all of it is bad; there are some magazines that actually do have pretty decent stuff in there and there are some that are just like completely right out of there though and, honestly, you really need to kind of have a filter going when you’re reading through these magazines.

It’s the guy they are writing the program about is 8% body fat and is 350 pounds, it’s probably not going to be the program for the guy who is 150 pounds and wanting to gain a little bit of muscle, or gaining a lot of muscle. Even if the program is exactly what he is doing, it’s not appropriate for what you need in order to build that muscle.

That’s where a lot of the problems really start with the muscle magazines. There is a decent amount of good information in some of these and some of it’s repetitive and some of it’s not quite right, but you know there is some good information you’ve just got to kind of filter it.

To be honest, I haven’t even bought a muscle magazine in quite a long time because the images started getting so steroid-based. They’re basically big supplement catalogs; I mean that’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of it. That’s how they pay the bills.

In the end, how many ways can you say get big and build big arms and have it different every time. There are different things you can do obviously but, you know, after 20 years of building big arms there’s only so many different variations of that and it’s basically a way to draw in people to get them to read the supplement ads and to bills that way.

Our third and last tip of the day for the home workout crew is rolling. If you are from the hard charging crew, get yourself a piece of fat PVC tubing from the building supplies store and cut it down to 2 foot chunks with a hack saw if it’s too long. You can always give your buddy some.

Now the tip is to roll over every muscle group in your body, every day, for eight passes (8 up and 8 down) to keep everything loose and the muscle fibers working properly. This will get all the scar tissue loosened up and keep you pain-free from all the heavy lifting.

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